Samsung’s foldable smartphone will be available very soon

Dismissing past rumors, Samsung has declared that it will commercialize foldable smartphones in 2019. This means that we will have to wait it out for another two years before we can put our hands on a next gen foldable smartphone.

Samsung is waiting for manufacturing capabilities and market demand to rise to the correct level before making foldable smartphones available, which is 2019, reports a Korean website citing a Samsung Display engineer.

During a recent meeting hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association (KDIA), Samsung Display’s principal engineer Kim Tae-woong said:

I agree that foldable OLED displays may be released by 2019. It took 10 years for the rigid OLED to become the norm in the display industry. Flexible and round OLEDs also needed the same amount of time. A foldable OLED will mark its 10th anniversary by 2019 and the technology will be mature by then.

Backing this statement, Chung Won-seok from HI Investment & Securities analyst said:

Samsung Display is expected to commercialize foldable phones in 2019.

The report said that Samsung Display will be the first OEM to commercialize foldable displays for smartphones. In fact, Samsung currently is dominating the flexible display sector with its bendable ‘Edge’ displays which we have seen in Galaxy S series and Note series smartphones. The latest device to flaunt this bendable edge display is Galaxy S8 which has already captured the imagination of all.


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